Monthly Archives: October 2017

Soft Machine . Fourth/Fifth CD

Bit of a lull in live gigs and Her Ladyship is currently doing a Great Wall of China Challenge walk…really!

I went into a charity shop and bought 3 cds for a quid.  ‘SF Sorrow’ by the Pretty Things, ‘Buffalo Springfield’, eponymous first LP but was struggling for a third. So in view of the test of endurance Her Ladyship was currently undertaking, I plumped for the above, with the intention of listening to the whole 2-on-1 disc. A similar test of endurance, I told myself. (See ‘A New Day’ review re Soft Machine)

I fell somewhat short of Her Ladyship’s endeavours. I set my stop watch but could only last 9 seconds. Pitiful, I am ashamed to concede absolute defeat.

So it will be in the camping stuff next year for a new home. Mind you, it looks brand new!