Status Quo. Sunshine Festival. Upton-on Severn. 25.08.2018

Musically, the other reason why we came (Katrina being the first). How would they be without the late Rick Parfitt? They were on slightly early, starting with Mr Parfitt’s least-favourite song ‘Caroline’.  Plenty more familiar songs followed, namely ‘Something ’bout you baby I like’, ‘Rain’ and ‘Softer Ride’. The new boy seemed to handling his predecessor’s guitar parts and vocals pretty well. The more recent ‘Beginning of the End’ and the much older ‘Hold you back’ preceded the dreaded medley. I would much rather hear two 3 minute songs than a 6 song medley of snippets, but it has been part of the set for decades now.  ‘The Oriental’ is a really good post-millennium song and ‘In the army now’, ‘Roll over lay down’, ‘Down Down’, ‘Whatever you want’ and ‘Rockin’ all over the World’ had the crowd in top voice. (New boy Richie stepped up for Rick’s ‘Mystery Song’ with great assurance).They come back on with ‘Don’t waste my time’ and ‘Bye Bye Johnny’ , leaving a very cold crowd suitably warmed up.

A pretty good performance. There have been times in yesteryear when we have seen them almost just going through the motions, but they seemed pretty animated tonight. The set was pretty similar to what they have been playing recently. No doubt Quoficianados may be saying it isn’t Quo without Rick P, but they seemed ok to us.


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