Sunshine Festival. Upton-on-Severn. 24-26. 08.2018

It has grown from a few thousand back in 2010 to 20,000 plus now. Musically, there is a lot of dross. but have a look at the photo of the middle of the programme! Cher! Boy George! Bruno Mars! And that is just Friday! If you can make it to Sunday you can see, amazingly, Dusty Springfield and Amy Winehouse!  Plus there are tributes such as Bootleg Abba and Soul Stripper. The latter are billed as UK’s No 1 AC/DC tribute act. I would hate to see the No 2, as this lot neither looked nor sounded remotely like AC/DC.

Security? Dog Patrols? No sign of them when all the drunken, foul-mouthed mayhem was happening in the early hours of Sunday morning.

And the organisers are advertising next year as being their 10th birthday. It is in fact the tenth EVENT, the tenth birthday is 2020. Use your fingers, starting with the first birthday is 2011 and go from there. Hope you haven’t had loads of t-shirts printed.




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