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This is where we unearth forgotten rock gems, debunk some common myths and dust off the story book. Once upon a time…

Gram Parsons

Definitely not a live review! When I first heard the opening note of ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ in 1965 I was a Byrds fan…and have been a fan of pretty much all things Byrdsian since. I latched onto the Flying Burrito Brothers in the early seventies.

Trying to find decent or unusual T-shirts though is not easy. I came across the site while looking at They have some really interesting GP t-shirts as well as Clarence White and other Byrds-related stuff. I bought 3 GP ‘tribute’ shirts. Photos below but they are not very good resolution.

And , yes, I am not a fan of tribute acts! These are from GP tribute nights, featuring different artists. Obviously postage is expensive but Peggy has some ‘oddities’ available. Have a look at the site, her e-mail address is there, as are better photos! She will respond really quickly, but remember the time difference. Happy shopping.


Acoustic Beatles.

Having seen them at The Acoustic Festival, I was reminded of the conspiracy theory about Paul McCartney. Loads of posts on Youtube about how Paul died in a  car crash in November 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike. They dubbed him Faul.

Lots of evidence based on details of his physical being, but seemingly none based on audio voice recognition. Yes, there was a recent case where someone’s twin brother successfully impersonated him, but even ‘Mission Impossible’, decades ago, used it? And surely software is just a little more sophisticated now?

No DNA has been provided…how totally unreasonable, but I have the obvious proof. Get Sir Paul/Faul to drop his pants. If he has only one dick, he is an impostor! The real Paul had two dicks.  The conspiracy theorists will say that there are no photos around showing the pre-Pepper Paul with one dick so it must be true. Voila!

The Della Grants.

Those of you who are on the DG’s mailing list will know that they currently are offering a bargain package of their 2 cd’s and a T-shirt for £15.00, in order to raise some funds for releasing a new live lp.

If you have seen them and are not aware of the offer, go to for more details.

If you haven’t seen them, and are a fan of well-played blues/rock/Rhythm and Blues, check out their gig guide on the website. They could well be near you in the very near future. And they seem to be thoroughly nice young men too.

They have featured in reviews here before.

The Grateful Dead

For those Deadheads still out there who aren’t aware of it, the official Grateful Dead website is  Every November it releases daily an mp3 which can be downloaded…even I can manage the technology!  You can currently download each, or all at once, at

There is even artwork for it, you can compile your own Live Dead cd/cds.

Tribute Acts…Ad Nauseum. Swinging Blue Jeans. Dr Feelgood. Yes

Her ladyship noticed another discussion regarding exactly what is a ‘tribute’ act.  Some people seem to confuse the concept with a covers act.  Skeggy has brought up the Dr Feelgood question, re their now having no original. members.  We class it as a metamorphosis with a brief hiatus to regroup (no pun intended).

Is our chum McTaff, a decades-long fan of Yes, currently holding tickets to go and see a tribute act then?(Yes do not have any original members now, neither have Man). Ask their fans.

Our last visit to a 60s Skeggy weekend (see earlier review), genuinely revealed not a single member of ANY act on Saturday night who was in the line-up in the 60s!  ‘Festival of the not in the sixties’ then?

The recent goings on with the Swinging Blue Jeans is interesting, do a search.

Am I right in thinking that the three original members of Sugababes reformed but had to use another name , as the existing Sugababes (with no original members) had the ‘name’

A Leeds Utd supporter since 1975 once asked me how I could not regard Dr Feelgood as now being a tribute act. I said that , coincidentally, I had been a fan since 1975. The Leeds Utd team he currently supported has a different line-up to 1975, what’s the difference?!  They certainly don’t have any original members now!  (From 1919!)

The Acoustic Festival of Britain now has 4 tribute acts on this year. It wasn’t so long ago that they reluctantly had 1.  But the most requested act  to return this year is The Counterfeit Stones, and it is those voters who buy the tickets.    So I had to have a little chuckle when a ‘cute’ poster appeared on their Facebook page, one sentence says ‘DON’T  BE A COPY. THE WORLD NEEDS ORIGINALS. ‘


Corky Laing Plays Mountain. Part 1

A brief history lesson regarding Mountain before the gig  review from Fibbers.  ‘Mountain’s’ appearance on day 2 of the 1969 Woodstock Festival, sandwiched between Canned Heat and the Grateful Dead, has thrown up all sorts of differences of opinion.

I watched on Youtube an interview with Corky from last year, where he reveals to a stunned host that he never actually played at Woodstock. (I and other Mountain fans have known this for some time). Corky actually repeated this at the gig, and also iterated how he was asked to overdub Ric Lee’s drums on Ten Years After’s ‘Going Home’ because of a technical hitch.  So Corky actually got a gold record for sales of the triple LP soundtrack but was never there!  And Mountain weren’t on it either.

Things get even more complicated regarding the Woodstock 2 double lp. Two tracks from Mountain were on it, but it appeared that despite ‘Mountain’s’ introduction and Leslie West’s chat about ‘Theme for an Imaginary Western’ being genuine , the actual performances were from another gig. A subsequent Woodstock re-issue has stated that the tracks were indeed from Mountain’s set. The version of ‘Western’ on Woodstock 2 is definitely NOT the same as the one on Mountain’s Official Bootleg series Vol 7 featuring Woodstock. Felix Pappalardi messes up the first verse at Woodstock. The Woodstock 2 version is really good though.  And Corky plays on that!  And that’s before looking at the other track ‘Blood of the Sun’ and it’s provenance.

Corky also says in the interview that the group at Woodstock were technically not ‘Mountain’ and that Felix and Leslie asked him and Steve Knight to form Mountain with them after Woodstock. Corky also says Steve Knight didn’t play at Woodstock. I have to say that the footage is limited , but it certainly looks and sounds like Steve Knight!  But I will bow to Corky’s version and sadly Steve Knight died in 2013 so can’t say yes or no.  Quite a few internet sites say Mr Knight played at Woodstock though.  Some people reckon it was their first gig, some say it was their fourth.

And it gets more interesting, as 2 tracks from Mountain’s Woodstock gig appear on 1972’s Mountain Live lp, but the drummer at Woodstock , Norman Smart, doesn’t get a mention.

It may seem all pedantic and nitpicking to some, but it is actually important for a big reason…greenbacks!  These musicians are/were  professional, and should be paid for their work, just as anyone who works is.  Pappalardi and West won’t have lost any money, I reckon, but it is a minefield regarding who drummed on what and where and when.  OK, Woodstock 2 didn’t sell a million copies but Mountain Live was a good seller.

If Carlsberg made drummers, they would be Corky Laing!!  ‘A wizard, a true star’. ( Todd Rundgren)

Ginger Baker’s Air Force

Seemingly Mr B is having a one-off reunion gig for his late (and not very lamented)  bloated 70s outfit. It will be interesting to see how he contacts Graham Bond, Chris Wood and Rik Grech to discuss the finer details. Any body got a spare Ouija Board?