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Is it just me, or….?

Andy Powell v Martin Turner. The Truth!!

The original article on this site still gets views. I have finally realised why Mr Powell took such exception to the name Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash.

It is indeed down to the apostrophe.  Like everybody else, I assumed that the name referred to the idea that the ‘Wishbone Ash’ part was the POSSESSION of Martin Turner. Or at least that particular version was.  (One of the uses of the figure of speech).

But no! It is the OTHER use of the apostrophe. The one which denotes OMISSION/CONTRACTION.  It means Martin Turner IS Wishbone Ash!   It’s obvious (it is obvious)!

And it is blindingly obvious to many Martin Turner fans.

Ebay backstage pass

Having just posted a review about lack of recent activity, I have just seen a Flying Burrito Brothers 1969 backstage pass advertised on Ebay for a ridiculous amount.

However, the alleged backstage pass has the group logo from the reformed 1974 version of the Burritos!  So either the makers were able to see into the future or the seller is, er, not only less than truthful but also stupid.

Apologies if the item is genuine , of course.

Weyfest Festival. 2017

They are proudly proclaiming ‘ you can enjoy 3 days with camping for under £100!!’!!

I know I didn’t get the best grade at A level Maths, but although the weekend ticket is £80.00 and the camping ticket is £15.00 (yes, £95.00 and under £100!!) the booking fees are £6.00 and £1.13 respectively plus a handling fee of £1.50.

An extra £8.63 makes the price £103. 63…not ‘under £100.00!!’.   I can’t find how to not pay these fees.  Pedantic? No, just the truth.

The Clash.

The Clash…punk gods? Load of tosh. Middle-class, semi pro established musicians by the time ‘punk’ hit us.

See previous review of Neck at Onboard the Craft festival for more

Covers bands and tribute acts (Upton Blues Festival postscript)

The Della Grants made a very pertinent observation. They implored us to support ‘new’ music, because without ‘new’ music there would not be any ‘old’ music. Spot on lads!

Butlins Rock and Blexit.

There has been quite a lot of comment recently about how people are finally getting fed up with the same names appearing and are planning not to go in 2017. There is of course a lot of people who want more of the same.

Next year’s line-up seems to reflect that the organiser has certainly responded to the cry for changes.

Thankfully the ‘Jazz’ idea seems to have died a very welcome death. However, the ‘Blues ‘ concept seems to have really taken over.  Much of the Blues Stage is occupied by American harmonica players (plus our own Paul Jones), and the Rock Stage seems pretty heavy on the Blues too.

So a definite change in outlook it seems.

Atomic Rooster update

I previously posted a comment that pedants may criticise the current line-up, as the three people who played on the first LP are all dead.

I was of the understanding that while Carl Palmer (very much alive and outrageously youthful!) was in Atomic Rooster then, he didn’t actually play on the first LP.  There has been a number of views on my original post, which seemed strange. I tried to check on the veracity of my original comment. I found at least one site which said that Mr Palmer didn’t play on it, and was certainly a touring member. But there is also at least one review of the LP which comments on his drumming style!

So if I made a mistake, sorry.