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Andy Powell v Martin Turner. The Truth!!

The original article on this site still gets views. I have finally realised why Mr Powell took such exception to the name Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash.

It is indeed down to the apostrophe.  Like everybody else, I assumed that the name referred to the idea that the ‘Wishbone Ash’ part was the POSSESSION of Martin Turner. Or at least that particular version was.  (One of the uses of the figure of speech).

But no! It is the OTHER use of the apostrophe. The one which denotes OMISSION/CONTRACTION.  It means Martin Turner IS Wishbone Ash!   It’s obvious (it is obvious)!

And it is blindingly obvious to many Martin Turner fans.


Creedence Clearwater Revival (Andy Powell v Martin Turner Pt 7)

I reckon even Martin Turner will be laughing at this, as it puts his dispute with Andy Powell firmly into focus.  The website for Rock Artist Management has CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL’ down as playing the Butlins Giants of Rock Fest at Minehead!   I kept looking again and again.  Not ‘…Review’, who are a copy act. Not ‘…Revisited’ who include the original bass player and drummer, either.  Seemingly it is as the headline says.

However, there  are some clues once we know it is Butlins.  The main man at Rock Artist Management is Pete Barton. He books the Butlins acts (see many previous entries on this website).   He once played in the Animals  with Johnny ‘Guitar’ Williamson.  Mr W once had a Creedence copy act called Creedence Clearwater Revived.  A look on the Ents24 booking site reveals the existence of , and I quote, ‘Johnny ‘Guitar’ Williamson’s Creedence Clearwater Revival’ !!!  No kidding!

I look forward to a Mr John Fogerty’s reaction to this information, which can only be described using Chris Kamara’s favourite word…unbelievable!

A further search has found Creedence Clearwater Revived are playing in KIel, it says ‘Revival’ on the RockArtistManagement site though!   And blow me down, guess who else is in the line up?!  Clue, first name Pete, second name rhymes with ‘f*rt on’.

Butlin’s Rock and Blues 2016 ( aka Andy Powell v Martin Turner Part 5)

Looks like it is going to be a pretty good weekend. The line-up has just been supplemented, worth checking out.  Followers of the Wishbone Ash soap opera will note that ‘Martin Turner plays the music of Wishbone Ash’ will be appearing. (Cue much cheering).   It is a little known fact* that Mr Turner had to shorten his name to the above-mentioned version. Apparently it was originally called ‘Martin Turner plays the music of Wishbone Ash a f**k sight better than the delusional Andrew Powell and his journeymen outfit’.**   Seemingly Mr Powell took Mr Turner to court, saying Mr Turner had made him cry and he now only had three friends in the whole world, and Mr T had to shorten the name.  ‘It’s the Way of the World’, so they say.

*  It is a little known fact , because I have just made it up.  Apologies to Wishbone Ashtray….SORRY!!  , Wishbone Ash.   (Slip of the tongue).


** And he couldn’t find anybody who could make XXXXXXXXXXXL T-shirts