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The Della Grants.

Those of you who are on the DG’s mailing list will know that they currently are offering a bargain package of their 2 cd’s and a T-shirt for £15.00, in order to raise some funds for releasing a new live lp.

If you have seen them and are not aware of the offer, go to http://www.thedellagrants.com for more details.

If you haven’t seen them, and are a fan of well-played blues/rock/Rhythm and Blues, check out their gig guide on the website. They could well be near you in the very near future. And they seem to be thoroughly nice young men too.

They have featured in reviews here before.


Covers bands and tribute acts (Upton Blues Festival postscript)

The Della Grants made a very pertinent observation. They implored us to support ‘new’ music, because without ‘new’ music there would not be any ‘old’ music. Spot on lads!

The Della Grants. Duck and Drake, Leeds. 27.02.2016

We missed these lads at the Rock and Blues Skeggy weekend , so were pleased that the Duck and Drake managed another coup by bringing them to Leeds.

Only in their second year, but they are just that bit different from the young ‘fastest guitar in the West’ bluesers that seem to overrun a lot of blues festivals.  Great sound from a battered left-handed Strat, ably supported by top-notch harmonica and solid rhythm section.

As usual for us, we could only manage the first set before having to go for the ‘alehouse’ bus home. Fortunately, we got to hear stuff from their debut LP and their new EP. A good mix of originals plus Fats Domino’s ‘Blue Monday’, Etta James’s  ”Something got a hold on me’ and Muddy Waters’ ubiquitous ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’.

They are playing at at least one blues festival we are going to this year, and we will be there for the duration.

Highly recommended.

PS. Congratulations Wayne, on your nomination for the MPPITP award.  (Most Pissed Person In The Pub)

PPS You were the only nominee