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Poco. City Winery. NYC. 13.9.2017. Update

At last year’s Poco gig, I bought a couple of cds at the merch desk, manned by Mrs Young. Being a Yorkshireman. I tried for a discount!  No luck, but Mary kindly gave me a pick…which I bloody lost out of my wallet the same night!

I emailed her when I got back to the UK, asking if I could send some $ in the post for one. She replied straight away, and promised to mail one free of charge.

And on Jan 5th, the package arrived, containing two. Posted on 15th December, but well worth the wait.

Somehow I can’t imagine Don Henley doing the same. (Poco nuts will know that Rusty Young has the occasional dig at Mr H).

Thanks again Mary


Poco. City Winery. NYC 13 Sept 2017

A very intimate venue, light years away from last night’s visit to the Barclays Centre. Ironic that back in 1970, Poco were arguably bigger than Pink Floyd in the USA. We saw them back in 76 at York University, with only Rusty Young remaining from that line-up.

Chelsea Williams opened proceedings with a brief set, starting with ‘Fool’s Gold’ from her ‘Boomerang’ lp . She got a good reception.

Not long before Poco took the stage, starting with ‘Call it love’ (including a false start!). The more recent ‘All Fired Up’ was next. There were quite a few songs from Rusty Young’s new solo lp, which was getting its official launch.  ‘Rose of Cimarron’ featured a guest appearance by Ms W, it is Her Ladyship’s favourite.  They delved into the Buffalo Springfield as well as their own first lp. The two hits from ‘Legend’ got an airing as did the ‘Neil Young’ song from ‘All Fired Up’. And , yes, I too once believed the fake news that they were brothers!

The set finished with ‘Good Feeling to Know’ and the encore was’ Keep on Tryin’.  A much more low-key event than last night, maybe we could have had one or two more slightly older songs?  Rusty’s new record and the recent-ish ‘All Fired Up’ occupied the majority of the evening. Strangely Rusty never played his pedal steel.

But a good night all in all, glad I saw them again after forty-plus years.